Mirror Trader

Mirror Trading

Harnessing the power of social sharing, MirrorTrader from Tradency is a simple yet extremely powerful social trading interface, for traders to share trading strategies and actual trades.

MirrorTrader breaks down trade strategies from multiple users of the system, into an easy-to-follow interface. This allows you to evaluate what other traders are doing and choose the strategies you would like to follow in your own account.

Use the advanced filtering option in MirrorTrader and drill down into all the available strategies. With this filtering, you can pinpoint the strategies that match your own trading styles and risk management profile.

Filters include weighted scores, number of trades, maximum draw-down, win percentages, profit factors and pips gained, and even a back-testing module for testing using historical data.

Find a strategy or a trade you would like to follow and simply copy this directly to your trading account.

So Why Use Social Trading?

MirrorTrader is simple

Filter the available strategies and apply them to your trading. It's that simple!

Diversify your trading portfolio

Following multiple strategies across a wider range of assets, lowers your trading risk. Use MirrorTrader to spread that risk across multiple trades instead of putting all your trades into one basket.

Follow successful traders

One of the keys to success in any field is doing what successful people are already doing. Social trading connects successful traders making their trading styles easy to follow.

Social Trading Tools


Live Charts

MirrorTrader comes with advanced charts, so you can set up your chart views exactly how you like.


Add your favorite indicators to your chart views for even more detailed analysis of all your trading activity.

Live Signals

The MirrorTrader interface updates in real time so you always know the performance of your trading strategies.

Diverse Portfolio

Diversify your trading by following multiple strategies from successful traders across multiple assets.


With MirrorTrader you get a detailed summary of all the strategies in your account for easy optimization.

Advanced Filtering

Use the advanced filters in MirrorTrader and get detailed information about all the available strategies.

1000 live, active users were asked what they thought of MirrorTrader

• 90.2% thought MirrorTrader was easy to use
• 92.4% liked the automated trading capability
• 80.6% considered MirrorTrader to be a long term investment tool

MirrorTrader is available to existing EuropeFX account holders and connects directly to your Client Area. Select your preferred strategies from the interface and these will automatically be applied to your trading account.