EuroTrader 2.0

EuropeFX EuroTrader 2.0

EuropeFX EuroTrader is the latest addition to our family of trading platforms; an all-new web-based platform that's simple touse, blazingly fast, user-friendly and packed with advanced features traders of all experience levels will appreciate.

EuropeFX EuroTrader Features
  • Full support for Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
  • One-Click handel
  • Trading directly from charts
  • One-Click trading
  • Open and close positions with one-click trading
  • Multiple indicators
  • Advanced charts with multiple time frames

Forget downloading or installing software!

Coded entirely in HTML5, EuroTrader works in all modern browsers, regardless of the operating system running on your desktop or mobile device. No need for any browser extensions or any plugins re used to on our other platforms. Some browser-based platforms can seem sluggish.

Not so with Eurotrader. Trade execution is seamless. Supporting all our asset classes, Eurotrader allows for easy opening and closing of positions through one-click trading.

Tradeforex, CFDs, and cryptos with a simple one-click interface. In the default setting, one-click trading is deactivated but is a simple setting to change. If you like quick trading, one-click isthe way for you.

Lightweight Technology

A very lightweight application, EuroTrader is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a fully featured trading application but doesnre ready to trade.

Lightweight and powerful, EuroTrader sets
new standards for browser-based trading platforms.

Trade Directly From Charts

Setup your instrument views the way you like them and trade directly from charts

Coded In HTML5

Forget browser extensions or potentially insecure addons. EuroTrader runs natively in HTML5

Advanced Trading Features

EuroTrader comes with advanced features, making it a direct replacement for desktop platforms