EuropeFX Account Funding Options

Easy And Secure Funding And Withdrawal Methods | EuropeFX Secure,
fast and convenient methods to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account.
Transactions are processed by PCI compliant processors.
We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the security of each and every one of your interactions with us. This goes beyond securing your communications with us and the integrity of any personal information you may choose to share with us. Fundamental to our approach to safeguarding your relationship with us is our range of flexible and highly secure account funding and withdrawal options.

All financial transactions with EuropeFX are facilitated through our network of payment processors. These are fully regulated and operate strictly on PCI compliant servers, following an internationally recognized set of security standards developed by the credit card industry. Managing all the financial transaction on your EuropeFX is done in our client area, a secure and very user-friendly account admin portal.

* Some alternative payment methods may be offered via the above-mentioned Payment Service Providers
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Funding Types / Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Currency: AUD, USD
Deposit Fees: No Fees
Withdrawal Fees: 20 AUD/USD
Maximum Transaction Amount: None

Deposit Currency: AUD
Deposit Fees: No Fees
Withdrawal Fees: 20 AUD
Maximum Transaction Amount: AUD 100,000

Deposit Currency: AUD, USD
Deposit Fees: No Fees
Withdrawal Fees: 20 AUD/USD
Maximum Transaction Amount: AUD/USD 50,000

Deposit Currency: AUD
Deposit Fees: No Fees
Withdrawal Fees: 20 AUD
Maximum Transaction Amount: AUD 100,000


  1. For deposits via E-Wallets, limits may be set by the relevant processing service. For deposits via Credit and Debit cards, limits may be set by the acquiring bank.
  2. For any deposits via Credit or Debit cards, you may be required to provide us with ascanned copy of the front and back card. This scanned copy should clearly show the full name of the card-holder, the name of the issuing bank, the date of expiry as well as the first six and last four digits of the card. All other digits as well as the CVV number should be obscured. If a scanned copy of the card is not available, you may provide us with a credit/debit card statement with the required information included.
  3. No third-party deposits will be accepted. We only accept deposits from funding sources (Bank Account, Credit / Debit card) where the information matches the information on records as the EuropeFX account holder.
  4. Trading accounts with EuropeFX are available in AUD and USD. Any deposits made in any other currency will be automatically converted upon deposit to the base currency chosen during account opening at the EuropeFX exchange rates in effect at the time of deposit.
  5. EuropeFX highly recommends not to use Superannuation funds to deposit with us.


  1. Any and all withdrawals will be processed in the base currency of the client account.
  2. Any withdrawals requested to currency accounts other than the base currency of the account will be converted at the EuropeFX exchange rates and may require one extra working day for processing.
  3. EuropeFX will always send you an email confirmation of any and all withdrawals.
  4. No third-party withdrawals are possible. EuropeFX will only withdraw funds to account holders who have the same personal information as the trading account the withdrawal has been requested from.
  5. Withdrawals may be delayed in the event there are any pending margin requirements or open positions on the trading account.
  6. Withdrawals may not exceed the available funds or the account balance.
  7. Withdrawals will not be processed for any accounts for which KYC (Know Your Clients) verification has not been approved by EuropeFX.
  8. Withdrawals from your trading account can take from 1 to 5 working days depending on your withdrawal method.
  9. Any processing fees or charges levied by your bank or payment service provider are for your own account and not the responsibility of EuropeFX.
  10. EuropeFX will not accept any withdrawal and/or cancellation of withdrawal requests if they are not made through the client’s secure portal area.